Water play fun!!

Water play fun
Today A1 students had fun playing with water. Thanks to Peti for setting up the sprinklers for the students to play and have fun.  Thanks to Jasmine's dad for the water balloons. The students enjoyed  playing with water balloons.  The weather was just perfect for water play. I really enjoyed watching my students having a blast. Sharing a few pics of water play.

Movie time & Ballon water play

Dear parents & caregivers, Today A1 students had a relaxing day away from books and learning.   Children were so excited to watch movies and spend time with each other. In the afternoon they had water play fun. Sharing a few pics.

Tomorrow the students will have water play as they didn't have enough time to play. Please send a change of clothes, a towel and some snacks. Thanks


Dear parents & caregivers,  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who were present for the A Pod Christmas Presentation and shared lunch. It was a huge success. The students performed well  by delivering their dialogues  with expressions as well. We had good feedback from many parents.  Thanks to the parents who supported us by providing yummy food for shared lunch.  The students enjoyed the food. There was a big spread of food. Thanks again for your continuous support.  In A1 students are learning about the Advent wreath. They had a project homework to design their own Advent wreath.   Students who performed in Christmas Play
Aniyah showing her Advent wreath.

Awesome work guys! you rock!
Cullen with his Advent wreath. Well done!
Calvin with his project Advent wreath. Good job!
K'Liyah with her project work. Awesome job! Thanks parents for supporting your students in their learning journey.

Christmas Play today!!!

Dear parents & caregivers, Sorry for being late. Today is A Pod Christmas Play & shared lunch. The students who are performing need to bring in their costume and get ready at school.  Parents please  come in to support your children and enjoy shared lunch along with them. Thanks again for your continuous support of your children's learning journey.  

Updates for Week 8!!

Hello parents & caregivers, We are nearly coming close to the end of  year and its just too busy.  On Wednesday 6 p.m is our Prize giving  evening at the Church. It's a mufti day as well for the students so they can come to the Prize giving in their clean school uniform.  Note: School finishes early on Wednesday at 2 p.m. So, please remember to pick up your children from school.  On Friday the 6th of December is A Pod Christmas Presentation at 11.30 a.m in the courtyard or the whare weather dependent. Please do come along and support your children. Home work: The students have been learning about the season of Advent and the Advent wreath. This week's homework is to design an Advent wreath. 

Updates for Week 7!

Dear parents & caregivers, Upcoming events for Week 7 are  this Tuesday school finishes early at 1 in the afternoon. Please remember to pick up your children early. This Friday the 29th of November is our Whole School End of Year Mass at St. Therese Church. The Mass is at 11a.m. Please send in a can of food for our less fortunate in our community. Your help will be much appreciated specially this time of the year. We are nearly to the end of the School year. The learning hasn't stopped. Children are excited about the upcoming Christmas Play. There will be a letter sent home with more details about the Christmas Play. Thanks

Homework Week 5

Hello parents & caregivers, A huge thanks to all the parents who came in to support us for our Diwali Celebrations. It was a wonderful celebration. All the students stood up and performed to their very best. Thanks one again for your continued support. These are a few pics from that day.

Updates for the coming weeks: This Wednesday is Whole School Athletics Day.  A very big day for our school. Please send you children dressed in their house colours. They should bring in a bucket hat so it gives them enough cover from the sun and a drink bottle so they are well hydrated.  Please do come and support your children. Writing: Creative writing using a picture prompt Maths: Solve these addition problems by using Place Value. 44 + 34 = 54 + 45 = 65 + 54 = 76 + 55 = 88 + 56 = Read your book and learn tricky words that you find while reading. Use a dictionary and clarify the tricky words.