Homework Week 5

Hello parents & caregivers, A huge thanks to all the parents who came in to support us for our Diwali Celebrations. It was a wonderful celebration. All the students stood up and performed to their very best. Thanks one again for your continued support. These are a few pics from that day.

Updates for the coming weeks: This Wednesday is Whole School Athletics Day.  A very big day for our school. Please send you children dressed in their house colours. They should bring in a bucket hat so it gives them enough cover from the sun and a drink bottle so they are well hydrated.  Please do come and support your children. Writing: Creative writing using a picture prompt Maths: Solve these addition problems by using Place Value. 44 + 34 = 54 + 45 = 65 + 54 = 76 + 55 = 88 + 56 = Read your book and learn tricky words that you find while reading. Use a dictionary and clarify the tricky words.

Week 4

Hello parents This Monday the 4th of November is Mufti day for A Pod classes. { A1, A4, A5, A6 only} Students will come dressed in Indian outfits. It doesn't mean that you have to go shopping for some Indian attires. Just add in colours to make it colourful.  This Term our focus for Inquiry/ Topic is Celebrations. We have been learning about different celebrations. The students are learning about the celebration of light. Diwali the celebration of light. We have been learning about Jesus our light - Let your light shine.  Monday is Diwali celebration Assembly. It will start at 2 p.m Please do come to support your children and enjoy them perform.  Some of the students are performing Liturgical dance and some are performing Indian dance. Those who are performing Liturgical dance will need to bring in white outfits. Girls need to bring white dress and white socks. Boys will need to bring a white t-shits or a shirt with a white Ie Faitanga and white socksThose who are performing Indi…

Week 1 Home work

Dear parents & caregivers, Learning has started in full swing in A1. Maths: L.I WALT solve additions using tidy number and Place values.  Eg: 56 + 48 = {tidy ten} 56+ 4 =60                 60 + 40 = 100 + 4 =104 Basic facts : Building 10 & 20 Reading : Clarifying tricky words using dictionary.  Reading  books  Writing: How to write a Descriptive text following the structure. Introduction, add details then Conclusion. Inquiry: Celebrations What is a celebration? What are some special celebrations I celebrate with my family/ whanau? Celebration of light. Jesus our Light. How can I be the light like Jesus to others? R.E : Jesus strand. Jesus' Invitation to us - The Holy Mass As you must have noticed that your children came home  on Friday with a chart paper. It's for their homework this week. What qualities do I need to shine like a light in others lives? eg:

Up coming events: Week 2: E-Asttle testing on Monday  Year 3: Star testing- Reading test I have started re-testin…

Welcome back!!

Greeting parents & Whanau, It's already Term 4 and yet another busy Term. Lots of new learning, testing, collecting Data and more.  Week 1 Term 4 is Niuean Language Week. There will be a liturgy to begin the Niuean Language Week. We will be learning Niuean Language all through the week. I hope you all had a good rest with your children. It's back to school tomorrow. Hope to see full class tomorrow.

End of Term 3 !!

Dear parents & caregivers,  Tomorrow is the last day of Term 3. There will be End of Term 3 Mass at St. Therese Church at 11 in the morning. Please send in a can of food for the less  fortunate  in our community. You are welcome to join in for the Mass.

Loud Shirt Day!!

Dear parents & caregivers, Tomorrow is LOUD SHIRT DAY!! The students are coming to school as LOUD as they can be. It's a gold coin donation day as well. All proceeds will be sent to support the deaf children for the cochlear implants which enables them to hear. Please support this cause by sending in GOLD COIN FOR DONATION!!

Week 9 Home work

Dear parents & caregivers,  Thanks for your continuous support in your child's learning journey. Cans for Christmas. Thanks for sending in a can to support this cause.  Some of you may have seen a new member in A1. We have a student teacher from the Teacher's College AUT. She is on her Practicum until the end of the Term 3. She will be working with the students and has built good relationship with them.   Spelling words: Use them in your own sentences. Butterflies & Caterpillar                      other groups suddenly                                                          told threw                                                              these instead                                                            being caught                                                             camp adventure                                                        round Please learn your Time tables: 2, 3, 4 and 5. Write to describe your special time you spent with your fam…