Dear parents & caregivers, Would like to thank each and every parent who made it to, "Meet the Parents Evening". A1 was buzzing with parents and students. What a huge success as A1 parents nearly made a 100%. Thanks, once again. "Success is not the work of one but the work of many" Let's work together for the Success of our children. Learning in A1 is going steadily and swiftly. The students are immersed in their learning and demonstrating good work ethics. Our goal  " A1 are focused learners". Home work:  Spelling words again              because                    started would            house                        could another         once                         everyoneWords for Butterfly group: morning                  never thought                   minutes always                    suddenly brother                 decidedMath Basic Facts ------  + 6  =  10 7        + ----  = 10 ----     + 8    =10 10       +  0  =10 9         +  1 = 10…

Week 4

Greetings Parents & Caregivers, Its already week 4 and we are racing into learning. Upcoming events for week 4: On Thursday the 21st Feb is Meet the teacher evening" Timing 5pm- 7pm. Please help us achieve 100% by being present for the evening. On Friday the 22nd Feb is A & B Pod Mass in the Whare at 9.15 am. You are welcome to attend the Mass. Learning in A1: Reading: Every student comes home with a book pls make some time and read along with them and write a comment in their Reading Book. Every student needs to learn the words on the Essential list 1-5. You will receive a list on Meet the teacher evening. If they know their spellings they can write faster. Every saturday is 10 mins spelling test. Writing: The big focus is Descriptive writing. In week 3 the students had a writing test. The students are learning to use a Learning Intention for a specific learning and checking how successful they are by looking at the Success Criteria.  Please make it a point to ask your …

Welcome to A1'

Kia ora & greeting to all parents and caregivers,  Welcome to A1's blog. I hope your lovely children would have come home and informed you about the blog. Apologies to all the parents who couldn't reach the blog. The blog will be the place where you will find all the information about A1's learning. Would like to thank all the parents who sent in the stationary in week 1. Almost all the students brought in their stationary except for 4. A1 was one of the classes that was chosen for having nearly 100% stationary. A newsletter was sent home giving all the details about Term 1's learning. Week 4 is a special day  "meet the teacher evening". Please keep yourself free as I'm very keen to meet every single parent. "Success is not the work of one but the work of many". This is our school whakatauki. Let's work together for the success of our children. I'm aiming for  100% attendance  as our class will get a treat from Mr. Piper. Please hel…